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Terms & Conditions

Upon booking, a none refundable deposit is of £100 is required (cleared funds. i.e. cash, credit/debit card etc). This books your slot and ensures your party and delivery time and is non-negotiable.

All outstanding balances are required no later than 2 weeks prior to your event in cleared funds, either transfer to our bank or via an iZettle payment link.

In the highly unlikely event that a party cannot be fulfilled (due to mechanical breakdown or such) all monies will be refunded including deposit or an alternative date will be offered.

Although our staff remain with the bus and the party we require a minimum of two additional adults to supervise children throughout the party.

Vehicle access: The art-ful bus is an American school bus, so adequate access will be required. The customer is to ensure that a clear access route is possible to their location and there are no width restrictions on route.

There is to be a minimum length of 5 parking spaces available at the property to ensure we can park on site and no low hanging trees near these spaces to avoid damaging the roof or sides of our bus.

Consideration must also be given by the customer of any low bridges, weight limits and narrow roads on route to your property. Any of the above not mentioned by yourselves may result in the bus not being able to access your property and us not being able to provide you a party.

The customer will be responsible for any parking charges that may arise for the duration of the hire and is to ensure that sufficient permits/permissions are obtained for the bus to park in its location for the duration of the hire. Any resulting fines or tickets will be directed at the hirer for failing to pay costs and obtaining such permissions.

Health & Safety

The care, supervision and safety of the party are at all times the responsibility of the hirer.

There must be one responsible adults from the party in charge of the children on the bus at all times. The art-ful bus staff are there solely to operate and/or manage the vehicle and oversee the running of the party.

We do not accept responsibility for children with allergies – please ensure that these children are correctly cared and catered for.

All jewellery must be removed from the child and looked after by an accompanying adult. art-ful holds no responsibility for lost or damaged jewellery or belongings.

Hirer Responsibilities

The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by any member of the hirer’s group.

The hirer will also be responsible for any damage caused to the interior or exterior of the vehicle as a result of any behaviour that puts safety of others at risk.

art-ful does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, inconvenience, injury or death arising from any accident, breakdown or delay attributable to reasons beyond the control of the owner.

We will not be responsible for any valuables or other items belonging to members of the group.

Additional information

The art-ful bus will Endeavour to be at the venue and set up 10 minutes prior to the booked arrival time. However we cannot be responsible for any arising circumstances on the day i.e. road work delays and traffic incidents. These are beyond our control.

We Endeavour to fill every hirers needs and provide a truly amazing children’s party but all our terms and conditions must be adhered to without fail.

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