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Book a table at art-ful and choose from these activities!

Choose from a selection of Pottery painting, Build a teddy bear, Clay building, Foam clay or Slime making!

We have 2 different areas in the shop. The front of the shop is for Pottery painting and build a bear. You can also make Slime, Squishy painting and do foam clay. The UV rooms are for slime making, canvas painting, foam clay and squishy painting. The UV rooms are dark.

Please book the room you want accordingly.

Pottery painting

Choose from our large selection of pottery bisque to paint. At art-ful we do not charge a studio fee, the costs of the paints, glazing and firing is all included. We have lots of tools to help you get amazing results. There are stamps, stickers, stencils, silkscreens and you can also bring in an image and trace it on to your pottery! Finished Pottery is ready to collect in one week. You will find the prices of the pottery on our takeaway kit page.

Build a teddy bear

Choose a new best friend from our large range of animals. Make a wish on a heart, place inside your bear and stuff. Draw a design on a T-shirt for your bear and fill out an adoption certificate! The bears have a Velcro seal. Large bears are £20 and small bears are £10 each.

Clay building

Clay building available in Workshops and Evening sessions only. Paint and collect in 4/5 weeks. (Clay takes a while to dry before firing) £15 per person.

Foam clay

Choose a piece of pottery and cover with foam clay. We have neon colours that glow in UV light as well as lots of bright colours. Take your foam clay pottery home, it will dry hard over night. Prices depend on the pottery chosen. We charge for the price of the bisque.

Slime making

Make fluffy slime, Cloud Slime, Crunchy glitter slime or Butter Slime. £10 per slime. We have pots to take them home, you can also make Neon slime in our Neon experience. Suitable for ages 2 years and over, (with lots of grown up help!).

Monday (school holidays only) 10 - 5pm

Tuesday 10 - 5pm

Wednesday 10 - 5pm

Thursday 10 - 5pm

Friday 10 - 5pm

Saturday 10 - 5:30pm

Sunday 11 - 5pm

71 Rowlands Road, Worthing, BN11 3JN


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