How it Works

Choose your piece of pottery

Choose a piece of pottery to paint, we have large variety of pieces – teapots, cups , plates, vases. We have stampers, silkscreens, stencils and carbon paper to trace images if you are a bit unsure what to paint.

Paint it
Art-ful evenings

Paint your design onto your pottery – three coats gets the best results.

We glaze it
Art-ful evenings

Once you’ve finished, we will glaze it, (which makes it food safe) and fire it in the Kiln.

Collect it
Art-ful evenings

Collect your masterpiece in one week (unless told otherwise) all shiny and gorgeous!


Do I need to book?

Yes, it’ll guarantee you a table and the equipment,especially at busy times.

How long does it take to fire my item?

Your pottery has to be hand dipped, wiped and loaded into the kiln. The firing itself takes two days or more, and so you will be given a date when decorating for the collection of your finished item, normally around a week later.

Can I have it back any quicker?

We’ll do our best, but it depends how much pottery there is going through the kiln and the time of the year. There is only so much room in the kilns as you can imagine.

Are the paints safe for children and babies?

All are paints are child safe, water based, non toxic under glazes and they wash out from clothes.

Do you do the footprints on pottery for me, or do I have to do it?

We will be happy to help.

At what age can I get a good handprint?

We recommend footprints for children under a year and handprints from one year on. Small babies scrunch their hands up but you can always get a footprint that shows how tiny their feet and toes were.

Can I leave my children with you?

Although we love working with children and helping them do their best with their pottery, we aren’t qualified child minders with all the necessary checks for such a responsibility.

Can I mix the paint?

We don’t recommend mixing the glazes as we can’t guarantee how the colours will come out.

What happens if something goes wrong when the pottery is in the kiln?

We will issue you with a voucher to the value of the pottery so you can come and decorate a replacement.

I don’t think I’m very artistic, could someone help me?

When the shop is busy, it’s difficult for us to spend extra time helping individual customers. We give everybody a full demonstration before they start. In quieter periods we may be able to give you some extra pointers to make it easier to get the effect you want!

The colours on my pottery don’t look as I expected them to, why is this?

With hand painted, hand-dipped pottery there may be slight colour variations on each piece of pottery.